JYNG Helium Antenna

Upgrade your Helium miner with the powerful JYNG antenna. Increasing your connections and HNT earnings significantly. Sign on and be part of the new generation of miners!

5.8dBi & 8dBi Antennas

JYNG comes in 2 versions. Ideal for covering short-mid or mid-long distances. Reach more miners than ever before!

824 - 960MHz Frequency

Covering 80% of the globe. Seamless integration with US915, EU868 and AU915 Helium hotspot.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Unleash JYNG’s full potential installing it outside. But we also designed it to be used inside the house near a window.

Full Installation Package

Easily installed within 20 minutes. Antenna gets delivered with the connectors, coax cable and a clamp.

Batch 1 & 2 Shipped, Processing Batch 3 ↵

28 & 40 Inches Tall

Size Matters

dBi is an ambiguous label to state the power of an antenna. Because height is the determining factor on if it will reach its full potential. Physics tell that you need at least 4 inches for every dBi.

Make More Connections

Increase Reach

Combining state of the art materials and the perfect dBi/height ratio, JYNG will help your hotspot to connect with more miners. Not only over long distances, but also with miners nearby.

Efficient Mining With JYNG

Earn More $HNT

The Helium environment is all about adding value to its network. Make sure you have the best equipped miner in your area. Helium will reward those honorable.

Common Questions

When will the fourth batch be launched?

The fourth batch will go live in Q2, 2022. You will get notified by email 5 days before with the exact date and time and all the necessary information.

How long does shipping take?

United States, Canada, European Union, United Kingdom & Australia:
The antenna will be delivered within 4-6 weeks after placing your order.

Rest of the world:
Delivery time can be longer depending on your local delivery carrier.

How much does the antenna cost?
  • JYNG 5.8dBi = $125,-
  • JYNG 8dBi = $175,-
Out how many units does the batch exist?

2.000 antennas (5.8dBi and 8dBi combined).

What’s the difference between the 5.8 and 8dBi antenna?

dBi reflects an antenna’s correlative strength measured in both reach and beamwidth.
A higher dBi value results in a longer reach but also narrower beamwidth.

You can describe “reach” and “beamwidth” in the following oversimplified definitions:
Reach = potential to connect with long-distance miners
Beamwidth = potential to connect with short-distance miners

That’s why the 5.8dBi JYNG version is meant for short-mid distances and the 8dBi version is meant for mid-long distances.

How do I know which dBi version I need?

That depends on a lot of factors like:

  • How many miners do you have in your locations block?
  • How many miners do you have in the surrounding blocks?
  • Do you have a nearby city located within 10 miles?
  • On which height will you install the antenna?

Questions that only you can answer. That’s why we encourage you to do some research online before placing your order. Of course, you can also contact us for a second opinion if you provide enough information (miner brand, location, answers on the above questions).

In general we see that around 70% of our customers go for the 8dBi version.

Can I use JYNG inside the house?

Yes, just try installing it nearby a window.

Although we must say that the antenna works on its best when you instal it outside because the signals don’t get distorted by the window/walls.

Do I need anything else besides the antenna?

No, the package gets delivered with anything you need (connectors, coax cable and a clamp).

Edit: you need of course a Helium miner.

Be part of the new generation of miners!

Helium has started the revolution to make mining affordable for the everyday men. JYNG has been founded to accelerate this revolution by producing cutting edge equipment.